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Dr. Ashley Anne

Integrative Lifestyle Doctor

Meet Dr. Ashley

Dr. Ashley Anne is an Integrative Lifestyle Doctor on a mission to share Lotus Healing with the world.

12-Week Classes

There are many ways to benefit from Lotus Healing - the most efficient way is to enroll in one of our 12-week online classes.

  • Lotus Healers Magazine

    With an issue of Lotus Healer Magazine, you'll receive a multi-dimensional guide that includes videos, yoga classes, and mantras for healing your mind, body, relationships, and quantum energy.

  • Science

    Lotus Healing is rooted in the hard, measurable science of Interpersonal Neurobiology and Quantum Physics.

  • Coaching & Classes

    Dr. Ashley delivers step-by-step lifestyle support via one-on-one coaching or 12-week classes.

  • Essential Oils

    Dr. Ashley has teamed up with dōTERRA® to deliver free classes, resources, and services to teach people to use oils as natural remedies for healing*.

What is
Lotus Healing?

Lotus Healing is the art and science of flow. It's a lifestyle - a way of interacting with the world built upon research in Interpersonal Neurobiology and Quantum Physics. Lotus Healing integrates and heals four dimensions of the human system: mind, body, relationships, and quantum energy.

Here are just a few of the issues Lotus Healing can resolve:

Anxious Stress
Depressed Stress
Traumatic Stress

Tension & Inflammation
Chronic Health Issues

Problems with Intimacy
Relational Conflicts
Anger, Resentment, Neglect

Quantum Energy
Chronic Fatigue
Intergenerational Patterns
Karmic Residue

Lotus Healing is a multidimensional roadmap for healing the entire human system one lifestyle change at a time. Contact Dr. Ashley Anne to learn how Lotus Healing can help you find your flow.

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I am available for coaching, essential oil classes and services, workshops/trainings, clinical consultation, and speaking events.
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Lotus Healing Services

For nearly a decade, I performed qualitative and quantitative research to create Lotus Healing - a model designed to heal the entire human system. I've learned that the mind/body connection is real, and lifestyle changes that promote integration can literally save your life.


My services are designed for anyone who wants to heal. Whether you're struggling with mental/physical health issues or just want to become your best self, Lotus Healing can help through one-on-one guidance, 12-week classes, consulting, and corporate and community workshops.

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The best way to receive the magic of Lotus Healing is through the monthly subscription service. Subscribe today!

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Phone and web-based coaching to support your journey toward becoming your best self.

Lotus Healing group coaching

Lifestyle Workshops

In-home and corporate workshops to teach you how to make lifestyle changes today.

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Classes, one-on-one consulting, special events, and online education for using dōTERRA® to support your integrative, holistic lifestyle.

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The Library is where you'll find free and for-purchase resources.

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Lotus Healer Directory

Our mission is to make it easy for people to find integrative lifestyle support across the globe, so we are compiling the Lotus Healer Directory.


The Directory is a list of international healers who want to support your journey. Check it out to see if there's a healer in your neighborhood. And if not, don't worry! Some practitioners are happy to support you remotely.


If you're a professional who supports one or more of the four dimensions - mind, body, relationships, and quantum energy - I'd love to meet you! Contact me to sign up.

Ashley has helped in too many ways to count! Each time I speak with or am even just by her, I feel the loving and playful energy that she radiates. As a fellow reiki practitioner, she has taught me how to maintain healthy energetic boundaries between myself and those I am around. As a counselor, I am in close contact with others’ heavy emotions and I can take them on if I am not careful. With her integrative knowledge, Ashley has helped me utilize my stress body signals to become aware of what my body, mind, and spirit are trying to tell me. I can now go to emotion-filled events with confidence and ease, knowing how to maintain responsibility over my own energetic being (not everyone else’s!). Ashley Anne is an amazing woman dedicated to helping others with whatever they need. I highly recommend her.

Liesl M. Hecht
M.S., NCC, PhD Candidate, Corpus Christi, TX

Consulting with Dr. Ashley Anne regarding clients and client issues is a wonderful experience! Ashley listens, provides validation, and discusses ways of working with the client effectively and efficiently based not only on what you report, but what she reads physiologically as well. She was very good at helping me understand my clients more, and provided key education in neuroscience so that I could not only intervene immediately, but also could continue working with my clients over time. Ashley quickly recognizes intergenerational and interpersonal patterns playing out between counselor and client, and uses Interpersonal Neurobiology to navigate this terrain in a way I’ve never experienced before. She is well versed in honoring the clinical work, but also provides outstanding support for counselor development. I love working with her!

Ashley Streeter
PhD, LPC, San Antonio, TX

I recommend Dr. Ashley Anne wholeheartedly and 100%. It is difficult to express the many ways in which she is truly a therapist and a healer because she breaks the mold. Her approach is holistic, empathic, very human, and overall, it works. She has a way to help and support others that leaves me full of hope every time we talk.

Adriana Dyurich
PhD, LPC, Corpus Christi, TX
Lotus Healing

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